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I am very excited to introduce you to Crafts + Confetti!

Adena Leigh and I have been working (crafting) very hard to get the party going. The first party takes place in exactly two weeks today!


I promise Crafts + Confetti is more than cupcakes and bright coloured confetti (even though that would be awesome!) At Crafts + Confetti, we do fun and we do laughter. We let our imaginations run free. We host unforgettable craft parties and we bring out the maker in you!


At a Crafts + Confetti event, we provide the beatsthe sweetsthe materials for the DIY project of the evening and a step-by-step demonstration on how to make it. Then, you get to keep the project (well, duh!) and enjoy it for like, ever.

There will be cocktails and loot bags because it is a party and what is a party without the treats?!


For more information visit Crafts + Confetti or if you are ready to join, you can buy your ticket hereLet’s get the party started! We’re SO excited and hope you are too!

See you there!

–rayna marlee

1 thought on “crafts + confetti

  1. This looks amazing Rayna. I might have some contacts for you. We used to do similar parties when I was in Pharma. I have quite a few contacts who are still doing that stuff and they would LOVE it.

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