surf dreams

Blog - 34.surfdreamsThe first time I surfed was almost five years ago when I lived in Australia. Ever since then I have been hooked! Often I feel I belong on the beach, living the surf dream. Since my first time surfing, I try to surf at least once a year, usually based on where I get the opportunity to travel. I have yet to go surfing in 2014 and as the year is quickly flying by I have been dreaming of surfing. I am definitely no pro but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of my life as a surfer gal. surf dreams photo credit

surf dreams:Blog - 34.surfdreams1marble. wooden pattern. pink + floral. navy tie dye.

A lot of designers are jumping on the opportunity to design their own beautiful surfboard.

in the home:Blog - 34.surfdreams2yellow. polka-dot. red. navy.

I am dying to get one into my home. Surfboard art would be the perfect reminder of the surreal feeling of riding a wave.

style: Blog - 34.surfdreams3 board + bodysuit. sixties chicks. ready to roll. surfer chic.

… if only …

riding the waveBlog - 34.surfdreams4from below. killing it. aloha. beach bums.

… simply the best …

keep dreaming!

–rayna marlee

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