summer watermelon

Blog - 30.watermelonsummer watermelon: watermelon, raspberry + mint salad. 

I am going to try something new … here it goes!


One of my favourite things about summer (besides the warmth + sunshine) is the fruit! Watermelon is one of my all-time fave summer fruits. It is so delicious, refreshing, and beautiful. It’s also pretty fun and there are unlimited ways to eat and enjoy it. 

Blog - 30.watermelon2watermelon grilled cheese with nut crumble. honey grilled watermelonwatermelon donuts. watermelon mint juice.

You don’t just have to eat watermelon

watermelon inspiration: paper, party, decor, fashion.Blog - 30.watermelon1watermelon mini cards. watermelon piñata. watermelon welcome mat. watermelon shoes.

Now go grab a big watermelon wedge and enjoy! happy summer!

–rayna marlee

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