anything but pink valentine’s day

Blog - 23.anything but pink copyThe day after Christmas ends, stores instantly change from red and green to pink and red. You blink, and there it is, a sea of pink and red. I do love pink and red and of course they are the colour of love, but this year my Valentine’s Day picks are inspired by a not-so-traditional Valentine’s Day. I like to call this collection “Anything But Pink (and Red) Valentine’s Day”. If you are feeling like trying a new look for the celebration of love this week, take a peak at some of my faves. (above photo)

write your love down (cards):Blog - 23.anything but pink1 copy (be mine, you’re my very favourite, i love you, we go together like salt & pepper)

jazz up your space (decor):Blog - 23.anything but pink2 copy(photo heart, heart banner, heart plant, heart ornaments)

indulge in some (treats):Blog - 23.anything but pink4 copy(chocolate cupcake, heart pie, heart oreo brownie, egg + toast)

… and a few extras…  Blog - 23.anything but pink3 copy(i like you, gold heart mug, confetti, mini hearts)

Valentine’s day isn’t about the ocean of pink… it is about spending time with the ones you love and care for. Don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU (and not just on February 14th!)

–rayna marlee


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