Easy DIY Bejeweled Toques


Over the holidays, my sisters and I made these super easy DIY beanies (or toques as we like to call them here in Canada). It is a great activity for a night in with your friends (or sisters in my case). 

All you need is:


– a hat (I got mine on sale from Target Canada for $2.99)


– cheap beaded jeweled bracelets (stores like Ardene, Claire’s, H&M, or Forever 21 are great) and

– a needle and thread and/or fabric glue and scissors


You first want to cut up the bracelets so you have lots of beads and jewels to choose from.


Then create a design you want to make.


Either sew or glue (this will depend on preference, as well as style and size of jewels)

Simple – you’re done!


A Few Helpful Tips: 

-When buying the bracelets make sure the jewels are individual and on a string so they will be easy to cut apart

-Try a variety of designs (take a picture of each one) and then choose your fav to make! Don’t settle on your first – they often get better, the more you make!

-Create the design close together because it stretches when you wear it.

-If sewing, choose a thread as close to the same colour as your hat.

-Have fun, stay warm, and make a statement. 


If you’re still looking for something to keep your head warm, check out my friend Fleur who makes amazing beanies (although right now she is still only in The Netherlands … come to Canada!!)

–rayna marlee


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