favourite holiday cards: Etsy edition

Blog - 12.holiday cards_NEW copyThe holidays are coming, and that means it is almost the only time that people still send snail mail cards (which is SO unbelievably sad!) I love cards. Cards for every occasion! I love to support small businesses and local artists, especially during the spirit of holiday giving. Buying from Etsy is a great way to do so! Going to local markets is also great… but Etsy is pretty awesome!! Here are a collection of holiday Etsy cards.

Which is your favourite?

Christmas cards:

1. Holiday Cheer

2. Let It Snow

3. Merry and Bright

4. Merry Christmas Lights

5. Let Is Snow Within Reason

6. The Grinch Christmas

7. Triangle Tree

8. Wooden Lights

9. Merry Christmas

and now some Chanukkah love

10. Joy & Light

11. How Do You Spell It?

12. Hanukkah Peacock

Start mailing out those greetings… the holidays are just around the corner.

–rayna marlee


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