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Over a year ago, I began to notice that my girlfriends and I didn’t socialize as much as we once did. As we got older and more into our work and personal lives, we watched our social lives shrink. This happens to everyone right?

You graduate university or college and the late night partying dies down. You move in with your significant other so when there is “nothing to do” on a Saturday night, you just watch a movie. You are working crazy hours and at the end of the day your sofa is the only place you want to be.

Remember those times we went out partying and socializing two, three, four plus times a week!? Those were the days – but let’s be honest we don’t have the time and our bodies can’t take the rage anymore.

Over a year ago, I proposed a once a month, pre-arranged week night, that my girls and I have L….E….I…. Ladies Evening In. Yes, just the girls, at one of our homes, very low budget, just good fun times. I looked at it almost as a “Non Book Club”, with a similar idea of gathering and socializing like at a book club, just way more fun! (don’t get me wrong… I do still LOVE a good read and chat!)

We’ve been having LEI Night’s for over a year now and every single one has been a huge success! Between the nine of us, we all take turns hosting and choosing the theme or activity for the night. We’ve done arts and craft nights, baking sessions, wine and cheese, and themed dinners, to name a few.

The idea is inexpensive, wholesome, fun with just the ladies!

This week was my turn to host. Check out some of the photos from LEI Sushi Making Night.



have fun!!

–rayna marlee


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