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September always marks the end of summer and back to school, regardless if you go to school or not. The days are getting shorter, the CNE is in town, there are no more “summer weekends” left… How can you escape the ‘back to school’ commercials, the sales, and even the weather?

This year I am not going back to school as a student or as a teacher, but I feel I still wanted to get into the ‘back to school’ spirit. I mean who doesn’t love back to school shopping? Any excuse to shop, right? My favourite part of back to school shopping is the paper and pens (aka “school supplies”). Everyone uses these basics, but I for one, am obsessed! Here are some of my top ‘back to school’ (or ‘office supplies update’) choices.

1. LUNCH Organic Lunch Bag from Fluf (CANADIAN) website:

2. Mint Leather Pencil Case from Kikki K. website:

3. Keyboard Decal Flower Cover Skin from Etsy Shop creativedecalskin website:

4. Ostrich & Chevron Pocket Folders from Paper Source website:

5. Eco Calculator White + Lime Green from Indigo (CANADIAN) website:

6. Kraft – Polka Dot Journal from Office Luxe website:

7. Prairie Flora Fabric Thumbtacks from the Paper Source website:

8. Post-It Notes from Walmart Canada (CANADIAN) website:

Share yours here with me as well!

–rayna marlee

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